November 5, 2011

What the SHIT do you think of yourself ?

There are some SHITTY things about we humans. I would enlist few which I figured out.If you find yourself falling under any of these categories, believe me, you, seriously, are heading heights of shitness with a great pace.

-) You see someone doing wrong to you and the next time you meet them, you do something worse than that to them.. n you quote ' Jaise to taisa !!' . Now you see someone behaving too good with you.. and what you do is, just appreciate them (wo bhi khali mann me.. usko bolte bhi nhi h yar kabhi kabhi to).. you rarely change your habits for them(Do you  ?).. kyu kyu ?? Abhi kaha gaya  'Jaise ka taisa ?' huh ?  If you don't change yourself for someone good.. Why the hell do you feel like changing for someone bad ? Why this double standards ??

-) Even if you are at fault and the other person begs your pardon , you feel later was at fault.. I mean what ? why ? You fool... cant you see how much the person loves you ? Instead what you feel is.. 'accha h usne sorry bol diya.. nahi to aaj ladai ho jati !!' You asshole.. your worse than a shit !!

-) If someone ignores your mistake every time, does not mean you are supposed to do the same. You don't even realize how much you hurt your loved ones by repeating the same mistake. They might never say.. you might never know !!

-) Mom told you twice whr the stuff is . Your yelling at her, ' Haa na.. samajh aata h mujhe ek baar mae.. baar-baar mat bolo !! !! ' You reach the kitchen n there you go shouting .. 'Maa kya lana h ?? kaha pada h ??'  oh !! please !! Respect her !! Value her !! No one in the world can equate her !!

Hahahahaa :D :D
Now, do you find yourself lying under any of those ? Be truthful to yourself at least :)
I, sure, find myself no less than  SHIT.. lolz..

What a SHITTY blog post was it.. lolz.. :D :D Nunthless.. I enjoyed posting something this sort :D



  1. yes....shit happens...shit.....we do it

  2. Lol... :P
    Sahi likha hai..!!!

  3. :D i fall in last category!!! lol i too do shitty things ...:O omg!!!

  4. Hahahahah!
    nice post! want some more of these honest writings! :D

  5. Thanks all :D :D

    Arth,I found them 'hurtful' more than 'honest' :D :D

  6. wahh wahh,,,
    sahi hae di.. :D :D i thnk u hve postd it spclly for me.. :P

  7. hahaha... :D :D

    I knw ur a big lot of shit my brother.. but chill out.. everyone out there is too !!


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