December 17, 2011

Some random story

Let me start this one with a 'Once-upon-a-time'.

Once upon a time, there lived a girl, Aashi . An ordinary city girl, with her own set of rules, fears, Do's and Dont's, all built up during the process of growing up. She went to school, had a group of friends, changing with every grade.

Going directly to her 9th grade days (things before that were quite insignificant) , she had just 2 girl-friends in her friend's list. Though just two, she could always count on them. One of them was quiet and the other one, loud enough to catch your attention in a crowd of a thousand. These girls meant everything to Aashi. The group was so self-sufficient, they never needed finding someone new. Aashi was so much engrossed with them, she never knew what all was  going on around her. She never knew the names of the ones sitting just behind her.

Then comes 10th grade (Obviously the girl failed to sustain the same friend's list). This time too, Aashi had a group including only girl-friends. All sincere and at the same, good at fun. She had her own definition of friends then, which really did not mean friend. According to which friends just meant meeting in school, having fun and doubt solving. No guys in friends group, they rarely had good impression on her. She was tough then, never talked anything other than common topics, no talking about feelings. Never considered friends for feelings. Her list of rules and fears, still intact.

Now comes 11th and 12th grade (As you guessed it right, with a new list of buddies). Her so-called-friend's circle this time included guys n girls both. A few amongst them read novels.. too much of it.. Aashi would be the last person concerned with any extra-curricular reading. A few others listened HollyV music.. Aashi considered it Wow.. and at the same time I-can't-ever-be-in-that-league thing. These people also talked the things, Aashi never imagined discussing. Till the end of this period, Aashi had become altogether-different-but-still-the-same being. She read hell lot of novels, felt orphaned if she dint have one always ready at her disposal. Listened to only country and pop, hell with the BollyV , no idea of which album's on, what movie released this friday. Friends no more meant just fun, she talked her heart out with a few closer ones, be it a girl be it a guy. She never considered this with girls, let alone with guys. She got her list of rules and fears,  do's and dont's still intact, with stupid ones deleted this time. 

Many people know 9th grade Aashi, many others know 10th grade one and the few closer ones know her as she became in 12th grade. Different at all the levels, Aashi still is the ordinary city girl, with her own set of rules, fears, Do's and Dont's, all built up during the process of growing up. She went to school, had a group of friends, changing with every grade..

Every human, that you see, was never born the way she is today. Either surroundings or people or circumstances or their own thoughts made them so. Now you know, what you are supposed to be, what you should be surrounded with rather what you want yourself to be. :D :D 


  1. Hi Krithi,

    My first visit to your blog and I find this lovely post. What a message you've got for everyone out there.
    Indeed, nobody is born the same way.

    Keep sharing and keep posting good content. :)



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  2. WOW.. Sometimes you read something and feel this feeling.. this simple, innocent and honest story is one of them..

    Very good idea and very well written.. Is it about you?

    1. Thanks for all those compliment sir :)

      yeah it is abt me.. :p

  3. Nice story Krithi...I could relate to Aashi in the story....My list of friends at each stage keeps changing ! but, that doesn't mean I don't make serious relationships! Enjoyed reading it!

    1. Same here :)
      Good To Know I've people similar to myself in my network :) :)


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