December 30, 2011

What would you ask, if given a chance ?


Teacher( I mean an ACTUAL teacher. No stupid business here) says : So kids, lets not study today ( Yeah she's a altogether 'out of the world' case !! ). Lets have a good talk today. Tell me, what will you ask from God if he gives you a wish, this new year ? Lets start with Allen. Yes ? What will you ask Allen ?

Allen : I would ask Him to return me my grandpa .
Teacher : Oh.. You miss your grandpa.. Okay. Now all of you will say something one after the other
Bishi : I would like to turn back the time and have a certain things changed for myself .
Krum : I would ask him to give a PIECE of mind to our neighbors. They are SICK !! 
Murrain : I would ask him to settle all the disputes going on in our family. 

Aashi : I don't want any of my loved ones back. Maybe they are where they would be happier. Neither do I want a changed past. Maybe what I wish, would have made things complicated for me. Nor do I want issues settled for me. He trusted me with the  problems, I can settle them myself. I'm satisfied with whatever I have. I just want PEACE of mind and the wisdom to trust Him now and always.

Teacher : Very well said Aashi. See children, if you trust God, if you believe Him,  try trusting His plans too. He loves all.You only know what-has-happened, but He knows what-would-have-happened too.  Rather than asking Him to set things right for you, help yourself and make a few things right for Him. Never ask for a changed past. It can't change. Ask for an  improved future, improved personality, improved being, improved faith, improved YOU. 



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