February 18, 2012


Looking at the name of the post, one's mind always draws some random images on what all stuffs the post will be including. As for this one too, you all might have pictured it to be a post describing a travelling-freak and/or fun and excitement about going to a new place and exploring and/or something 'TRAVELER' sort of thing from Fox History And Entertainment or maybe just another post meaning 'NOTHING' to you.

As you go on reading, you will find it to be about no such sophisticated excursions. Its just about Indian Railways and the people travelling at least twice or thrice a month in those God-forsaken trains.

How would it be if you go to railway station to travel in an AC 2 tier coach and you end up in a bogie for disabled ? Aashi had a 2 tier AC ticket but, of the train, other than the one she boarded.She had to get down on next station to find herself a seat in general coach, finding none, she boarded the coach for disabled

A fear creeping down my spine.What will happen ? How will I reach my destination ? What if the disabled ones pulled the chain and I be asked, to get down at any random station, by the authorities ? What will I do ? Do I have enough money to pay as a fine ? Crap !! NO !! I have just 100 bucks with me. Lets just get there and hope for the best. I'll be on wheels for a scary ride.

She was shocked to see the whole coach full with totally OK people except one. She climbed up the upper-berth to have a seat for herself. Looking down,all she could see was bright colored saris. For city people like us, hurting to eyes. There were people you get a 'eeww' feeling after having a look at. With those    dirty baggage they carry, and those dirty hands they eat with and those awful children shouting and screaming and screeching and crying all the time.All this got on her nerves and she felt a need to shout out loud.It was a tough journey for our Aashi this time.

Just then, she saw a lady staring at her from the far left corner of the compartment. Aashi found herself getting embarrassed.And immediately the lady beamed a good smile at her. This got her comfortable and she smiled back.The smile from the lady somehow asked Aashi to observe the crowd down there with a loving heart and it was just then that Aashi could see herself in their boots and FEEL what they felt !!

This is how these people travel every-time. They don't want it this way either. But, unlike me, they lack choices. They don't have the resources I enjoy. Instead they have people like me, looking down upon them with eyes full of hatred and not knowing the reason well enough for this act of theirs. Why are they looked down ? Because of their poverty ? Because of their speaking tones which irritates ? Because of their talks which makes no sense ? Because of their torn rug sacks ? Because of their acts which we tag as ill-mannered ? Or is it just their existence that make us do so ? Shame on us.!!

In-spite of all, they had peace on their faces which is rarely seen around our residences , a satisfaction deep down their eyes, like the one you have when you come to know you passed your ED test with a B+ grade when your performance was of D grade. 

She thought it would be a scary ride. But sadly, it turned out to be heart-scratching more than scary.

          You Thought :                                                                    

           I Talked :

Reading all the way down and coming to the end, the thoughts you had, very initially, gets replaced by the experiences from your own life and your mind finds some connection ( I just can hope to be right at this) with the blogger's experience. Experiences no-ways same, YET, not altogether different.

This post, I write as a tribute to those lacs of people who lack the choices we have and still STAY HAPPY with whatever they have :) :)

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