October 25, 2012

Parting Poem

By a hurt friend.


I know it will hurt;
But know it well, I’ll be just.

I cant lie to myself no more;
But know it well, its ‘you’ I still adore.

I just wish it were back the old way;
But know it well, I’m still very gay !!

I have lost the ‘WE’ I dint want to loose;
But know it well, across the globe, its still ’YOU’ I’ll choose.

Oh friend!! Please(Forgive me) ,let us part;
But know it well, our memories together wont ever depart.

How badly I wish, you could think something above self;
But know it well, you can always turn up to me for help.

WE would be the same old buddy always;
But just, not the old ways.

Though I wrote this for you burning midnight oils miss,
Know it well, you seriously don’t deserve this.

PS : You have always been a great friend and thus you dint deserve a PARTING poem obviously.Hope you now understand what I meant then.


  1. Hi Kritika,
    It seems that your life has manifested itself in the form of poetry in this post. It must be quite a difficult phase for you. However, as you have said, it will be ok. Don't lose faith.



  2. Its long gone, a year n a half almost :)
    And its far better now :)


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