October 10, 2012

Whatever you name it

Sitting on the top most spot of my home, all alone, ear plugs in, soft cold wind dancing through the locks of my hair, wide sky all above, nothing but a silent world to watch around and no one to disturb, a thought line begins…  

Life would have been so simple if you had only one side of heart, either pure hatred or pure love for a person. So easy : If you planned to treat someone the way they treated you, and your bloody heart doesn't whisper that very instant, ‘It’s bad, be good to everyone even if they are bad to you. Don’t act childish, grow up kid’

If only you didn't have two sides within, fighting all the time, making your life a big chunk of confusion. If only you didn't have dilemma every two steps and you didn't have to find your way out of the debate in every situation. Not that you get through successfully every time!!

And the talking continues…

If only you can show how cruel you are without fearing its side effects on your dear relations. If only you can show love and kindness to someone without bothering about society.
If only your ego didn't create problems all the time. If only you could effortlessly appreciate people from your black list. And could make people on your white list realize how good and special they are.

If only it were too easy to follow your heart, if it dint require too much of courage to heed to it. If only you could be pure you, true you, in public without thinking of your pre- and post- image. If only you didn't give a damn to the people who don’t care about you, at the same time taking care of the ones who are there for you in every situation.

It would have been so good, so easy if you can hate someone as dearly as you wish, throw cruelty straight in their face and can opt for Tit-For-Tat policy towards them all the time, and there’s nothing in your stupid little heart stopping you from doing that.

I want to go around talking like ‘Hey there, how are you doing? BTW did you realize you’re a bitch??’ like ‘Hey Dog. Did you ever introspect? Do you have any idea how hurtful you are?’ like ‘Oh! hello ma’am. Did anyone ever tell you, you would have been a great competitor to him if you were born in Hitler’s era?’ like ‘Hey girl. You know I just loved the way you anchored the whole event today. I took lessons from your style’ like ‘Hey boy. You actually get my heart missing a beat at that look of yours’ like ‘Hello dad. How about talking YOUR life tonight?’

I am all too aware of the kind of inhumanity I just poured above and I won’t justify my act because it's all too human, justifying every damned act of yours. But I believe 7 out of 10 readers would silently appreciate my bluntness and the rest three would be there with a whole new mindset during our next interaction. Haha... And of course the latter knows by now that their thinking hardly makes a difference.

I don’t completely understand what these things mean, what they imply, what they show about me, but they surely speak differently. I couldn't find a relevant blog title for this and thus ‘Whatever you name it’.


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