November 23, 2012

Hey Moon

You're not there in morning, not visible in noon,
I know you're out there, Hey Moon.

You're calm as sage, white as chalk.
Everything feels right after our talk.

Love teasing you, cursing, chatting, laughing,
And your responses with alternating beaming.

How I wish there were no shades between we two,
Yet, no day passes by without my feel of embracing you.

We've been 19 yrs apart,
Now, I really wanna depart.
Call me, let me have new birth,
Yeah, I'm done with Earth.


  1. Loved the poem..really every line was would be really difficult a favourite in those magical verses you wrote.
    Do reading my blog @
    u myt like this story

    1. uuff to many gramatical errors..i dint check that..ignore that

    2. Thanks a lot :) :)
      N yeah.. I'l surely read it :)

  2. Ah, to have that relationship with the moon is magical, and you express it beautifully :) Though maybe its not time for going back to near the moon again.

    1. hahaha.. Ofcourse its no time to go back.. We cnt even if we wish to :p

      Thanks for appreciation :)

  3. Sweet dedication to moon <3
    I love stars more than moon, I love when the moon is full and crescent moon too :)


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