November 16, 2012

Lone Poem

              City or Wilds?

Sitting under a solitary tree watching a forest ahead,
Believing in the shades of this ‘one’ against canopy those woods made.

What’s stopping me? Fear of unknown
Or, blanket of the trust worn?

Rise up, open your eyes
Ones, lost in the mystery of wilds.

You laughing shouting crying creature,
Sit a while with yourself
Enjoy serenity of nature
Making some peace with thyself.

Those standing alone in the crowd,
All have a story to cry out loud.
Liking rains more than sun-shines,
Interested in drones more than bee hives.

Terrified by the depth of forest,
Wishing to hide safely in my closet.

Sitting under a solitary tree,
Feeling amazingly care free.

-Written under a solitary tree :)


  1. I can relate :) My campus has lots of trees and sitting under the shade, it feels quite relaxing and inspiring for sure. Maybe not all who are hiding from the forest are afraid, maybe they just find themselves lost in a concrete forest?

    1. I know no one can have same interpretation of this poem.. But when I wrote this, Forest meant Human Crowd to me.

      Now when I read it after a week, the whole poem meant something altogether different

  2. Very thoughtful indeed.


    Himanshu Nagpal | Being Traveler


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