November 18, 2012

The Truth

Truth, a confusing thing, it is.
Truth, say it or not, exists.

Promised truth to yourself,
truth to others,
Wait ! Did you weigh the chances of their getting hurt by it ?
Or the consequences of their finding your lies ?

Call him your best friend,
Ever wondered what he deserved ?
Your petty truth or the happiness your false spread ?

His smile over trust or trust over smile, 
Which will you choose ?
Huh ! Select any, 
There's always this later you'll loose.

Can a hidden truth be rated a lie ?
Will a false, told to ease things, be called a lie ?

I wish I were allowed eavesdropping 
Into future's noise,
If not, at least were blessed 
With the wisdom to make right choice.

All this to save a delicate tie,
'Cuz an unexpected Truth,
 renders everything else a lie.


  1. "'Cuz an unexpected Truth,
    renders everything else a lie."- Comes with the punch! Good writing! Nice one.

  2. Interesting. I wonder what brought the poem to life. Coming to the question itself, it is one of the toughies to answer. Sometimes, even the truth hurts, and saying it at first would maybe break the friendship. Yet lying to save it would break the friendship later. Hard choices.. hmm.

  3. This one teaches us the best!
    to tell the truth to your best friend. If he/she is ur tru friend,
    he/she wud understand nd appreciate ur honestly.
    Otherwise if he/she comes to knw it later...their friendship wud be
    hurt nd so wud both of them.
    Very good one indeed!


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