March 18, 2013

A Friend Needed

I need a friend who'll be all mine,
With whom I can risk even a glass of wine.

Someone I can fearlessly shout on,
Someone who can always lend a shoulder I can cry on.

The one who will always be very dear,
Losing whom I'll never have to fear.

A friend who is understandable and understanding too,
The one who will never consider 'I' over 'You'.
The one who will respect the faith I'll have in thee,
The one who will never bother lying to me.

I don’t wish her to support me in my every decision,
I just want her to stand by me in every season.
The one, who, I can be sure, will come when I'll need,
Someone whom I can mark my bestie, indeed.

She, who would never fear sharing StUfFs with me,
The one who will never have to think twice before nudging me.
A friend who will know I'm trustworthy,
She who will believe I too am capable of mercy.

I don’t want a fake friend,
Neither do I want someone who'll change with the trend.

I want someone, whom I can never doubt,
I know I'll never find such a person here about.
Still I'll long for someone alike,
Believing she'd be my friend for life.

--April 2012 


  1. Every one needs such a good friend! We should try to be that friend too :)

    Beautiful poem dear!

  2. I too wish to have such a friend. Nicely crafted.

  3. friend found :D
    i got her after coming a long way..but i did found this friend :):)


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