March 23, 2013

She Finally Gets Thee

Prolouge : You might want to read A friend needed before you proceed.

Frustrated by the ambiance of her existence
She pens her heart hence

“I want someone, whom I can never doubt,
I know I'll never find such a person here about.
Still I'll long for someone alike,
Believing she'd be my friend for life.”

She longed and longed
To find someone somewhere she’ll belong

And then Gods answered her wait
Sent for her, a new world that will create

He came with an angelic aura
Setting things right in her panorama

One that was stupid, dark and stocky
As well a little too flirty
Acting fairly decent with her
Soon got listed as the one dear

Exploring the depths of her being
Made her feel special in many of his doing

Brought to her notice the quality
She turned a blind eye to daily
Justifying her every misdeed
Unskilled at seeing the flaws indeed

She rethinks at times
At times gets confused
Did she deserve the intimacy
Or is rewarded of last birth's charity

Travels through the past and concludes
Whatever it was, worth the wait he was

--March, 2013

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