June 14, 2013

Jolly Good Things

I started counting my blessings,
Standing across that dressing.

For every smile that one smiles,
Someone had blessed them from miles

Family :  They are my extended self. They are to me what google is to internet. Parents, best people someone can have in life. Siblings, best pets, one can get for free. Cousins like toppings to a pizza. I always felt lucky to have them but never thought of thanking anyone for it.

Friends : They will light up your world if they are the right candles in the pitch darkness of life. And I have a few scented candles whose mere presence makes things better.

Nature : If one starts believing that everything is happening just for her, life becomes well-flavored. If you believe every morning comes only for you, moon rises just for you, wind blows, tides rise, birds chirp, rains fall, sun shines, for you alone, life will indeed turn into a beauty itself. My life is beautified by mother nature.

Thol Lake, Dec 2014

Technology, Art, Society, Literature, Science I bow down to all of these and feel grateful with my heart and soul.

I thank all the mortals that touched my soul
All the people who played great role.

You made me strong, 
All who left me viscerally
You explained me when I was wrong
All who cared and loved dearly

I'm grateful to each and every being who is in my life, who came to my life, who is yet to come, who will never come and a hearty thanks to all those who left it all to myself. 'Cuz they are the ones who made my life, a story. A story worth reading, worth understanding, worth living.

I thank all the moments that I ever lived, all the instants that I laughed, that I cried, that I worked, that I thought. 'Cuz they are the ones that made me who I am.

Aaj ada kiya shukriya uska
Har pal jo ro k guzara
Aaj maana ehsaan uska
Har pal jo muskura k jiya

Lastly I thank God for granting me human life, for creating this wonderland, the fairies and the demons, good and evil, greens and wilds, shines and darks, faiths and beliefs, and all the entities and abstractions I know and the ones I wont ever experience.

PS : I am thankful to the art blogging and the being who began it :)

PPS : There would always be things that we'd regret, that would get us low. Our desires and needs wont ever end. There would always be that little wish asking for more. But thanking this, thanking now, thanking what we have, would never be a tough job rather it will attract happiness and make us live this moment to the best we can.


  1. Wonderful and amazing explanation of life psychology..
    It seems that someone has lost in the river of thoughts about life nd pinched out the words like pearls in the sea....:)

  2. Reading this post is akin to sailing on a smooth and silky stream as if like is never a tumultuous affair. Like your style.

    1. Haha :)
      Someone talked my style :)
      Thanks Thanks :)


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