June 28, 2014


She looked at me,
With a longing to find some reason
Piercing her gaze into my tired eyes,
Yearning to accuse me of treason

With a hint of betrayal in her stare,
And a hurt too unacceptable,
She turned around and stormed off.

Far Far Far Away in the fields
Hidden by the wheats,
Like a pearl in the shell
Away from the light
Away from my life

I saw and looked and stared, 
Oh, I can't let her go, not yet
Tracing her steps from the wet field soil
I ran, I paced, harder and harder

From fields to barren lands,
To plantations and play grounds
To graveyards and ending up into  
A gloomy forest with tall black trees, 
Spiky grey leaves, Shiny white-eyed beans,

My feet felt Creepers,
Like fierce dead snake
My body felt dark eyes 
Like raping her being,
My retina registered long horrifying veins
Hanging from branches,
Like willing to engulf every living cell of the abode of my soul
And swallow them
Into their cold black existence

Shoutin' my heart out, I run, run harder,
Towards nothing, to find no one, to talk nothing.

Like running away from dark 
And looking for dawn.
The place that seemed years far, planets away 
And for an instant, non-existent.  

Panting and drained out,
I bumped into her
She; The I from yesterday
Incriminating Me;
The I from today,


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