July 1, 2014

Bag it out, Suit it up !

Donna Paulsen: A bottle of scotch ? You couldn't get her anything more personal ? 
Harvey Specter: She likes scotch.
Donna Paulsen: You like scotch.
Harvey Specter: She likes me. Therefore..
Donna Paulsen: Why don't you just attach a card that says, "Welcome, generic Senior Partner" ?
Harvey Specter: This is a $12,000 bottle of scotch, and this is one of three left in the world. That doesn't say generic, that says..
Donna Paulsen: You're one of three very expensive things I recently purchased.

Donna Paulsen: That bottle is the reason I buy my own present for Secretary's day.
Harvey Specter: There's a secretary's day ?
Donna Paulsen:: There is. And you're very generous.

While Donna manages to go on with her Harvey-free life in "All In" and "Sucker-Punch," Harvey is incapable of moving on without her. And Donna is incapable of moving without her sharp wits and Baggout.com ! Where else do you think she gets all the needed pleasantaries at the right time and of the best quality for the best closer of the city- and apparently her boss- Harvey Specter !? Starting from those perfect dresses that hold her so dearly, to the accessories. From lavish carpet in Harvey's office to magnificent portraits on his walls, from gift for his dad to gift for his girl-friend, for Rachael, for Louis, for herself on Secretary's day.

Donna loves Halloween and asks Harvey for Halloween off every July wit ha sheepish look on her face. Now that she claims to be an excellent actress who "embodies" her character, here's a little secret. The off isn't asked for Halloween, its for the July Shopping Sale at many online shopping marts that Baggout so clearly brings out with best deals that she can't miss !

Perfect Donna "Harriet Specter" prefers Baggout.com over any other portal. Isn't it good enough a reason for you to get stared with the Bagging ?

Here's for your reference:
Baggout !

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