February 1, 2015

Kitties and Tigers

I'd let the tiny kitty of my heart slowly mew,
Like rich coffee in the pot steadily brew

Tiptoeing her way through the chamber
My feline soul whispers to her  tamer
Like a scared kid asks her daddy 
If he minds to buy her a candy

The tiger from the penthouse roars 
Who got you outta those hefty doors ?
Miss Purrfect, you need to go back and stay put
Broken to the pieces would you be, out if you set foot

I never saw what out is like
Never knew where he stays, that Mike

There's a reason why I got poles and you got mainland, dear lady
There are wolves out there and you're too soft to get exposed already

With same quite steps the fur ball retreats 
In the dark labyrinth where the shaky wall greets

The tigers of the minds shove the kitties of the hearts down
Like marking a sacred line to save from letting them drown 
Black is bad but yellow needs to turn brown
Diamond's lying all alone, needs to get atop a crown

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