April 11, 2015

If my folks were food

There came a trend when every blogger I knew, had a post with this title. It never fascinated me. Never had the spice and the sweet both together, perhaps. But now,  I think I've got the right balance of all the flavors and thus, here goes my list.

Aishwary Rawat : Water
Simple, clean and a necessity. Its Herculean to go a day without and also, advised against. Is it getting troublesome and uneasy? Drink up !

Preeti Hegde : Candies
One had a lot of them in childhood and the number went declining with advancing age. Though, one doesn't have them much after teenage, it's always a delight to have them once in a while. Snickering around with them has always been fun :D :p 

Abhishek Maheshwari : Locha
Not as much as the features, as the name puts forward the striking similarity here. The most delicious breakfast that I'd adore for a lifetime.

Priyanka Kaushik : Buttermilk
When it gets all too acidic and starts burning, this is what you need. The all season drink that you seek for on reaching home after having a tough day. A cooling agent after a spicy fight. Sorry, food :p

Manmeet Bhutra : Nylon Khaman
The soft spongy snack which one can crave for early in the morning. At what, about 6 am ?
The perfect feast for one's appetite and a healthy start of day.

Joy Patel : Masala Lemonade
The grandeur of the size of glass from pizza hut, sets straight the comparison. Nevertheless, the majesty of its taste is something that can be relished for days and only looked forward to be having again.

Roshni Lahoty : Paneer
Just three words for this one:
All time favorite
Muah :* :* (Winks)

Chirag Periwal : Rajma
One craves for its lip-smacking taste in-spite of the knowledge that it may ditch you the next morning.

Aakash Ladha : Jalebi
The straight individualist sweet and a must when discussing wedding dinners.
Oh Wait ! Did I use the term straight ? ;p ;D

Bhavna : Rice
The all season food. Good to go any time. Quick and easy. Except for a few coming weekends :p 

Jay Baxi : Salt
The reason for the existence of food porn and similar stuff. A tricky seasoning, right amount of which is necessary. The overdose of the same can send humans into Coma.

Frenil Shah : Maggie
Because staying up late and eating does not make one fat.

Kriti Rastogi : Jhaal Muri
The spicy one, not easily available in west. One savors every bit of it, the light evening snack, before it ruins the senses and one runs to seek out for Doughnuts.

Mayank Jain : Daal Baati
The royal food with dripping richness ready to serve the Royalty.  Tastes best with a sweet. Maybe Jalebi ?

Lakshay Bhandari : Onion
One precisely knows what it does to ones eyes. But, one shouldn't be complaining when they know the lethal potential of making tear ducts work fiercely turns on only when the onion is chopped down to pieces. Also, it always adds to the flavor ;)

Antra Gupta : Doughnut
When it's late at night, you don't want to think. You just want to gorge. Whatever be the reason-depression, dreaming, trying to crystallize an idea- it's nice to have some hot sugary doughnut friend while waiting for the sleep to come back. It's this food that comes to your rescue when Jhaal Muri becomes too much to take.

Chaitanya Tanti : Almond
The brain food or the food for brain ?

Sejal Bachchav : Gajar Ka Halwa
The only dish that has managed to stay, in my ever changing food list, the longest, after, ofcourse, candies :p
Apart from this, the reference is relevant also as I rightly know the amount of heating it takes to get the dish ready. My Dearest, My Precious Forever.

Ashish Mohta : Ice Cream
Cool, Calm aur apne kaam se kaam. Easily Available and a must during outings and Cricket.

Kartik Bajaj : Brown Sugar
As brown as ever. Or is it golden ? Maybe Rice decides that !


  1. You missed the "DAAL" which makes great combo with "RICE"!!! :P

  2. Mr Lahoty is too busy to be anyone's Daal or Pal for now !


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