March 5, 2016


It would be unfair if this source was used only to pen down melancholy and never perturbed to write about blossoms. It would be unjust if only accusations were let out and amends were kept in disguise. It would be pure selfishness if self pity is all that got scribbled and self help stayed aloof. It would be unsportsmanlike if only the defeats were talked about and victories were never sung of.

It would be unfair if the ink was spilled only after fights and no spots were left after a beautiful tight hug. It would be unjust if papers were searched for only with teary eyes and never with plastered smiles. It would be insult to the art of writing if foul words were recorded and sweet phrases never saw the parchment. It would be dishonest to always end with "What if" and never with Thank God!


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