September 18, 2016

You have changed

'You have changed', a close friend said
Yeah? For good or for bad ?

Went home this festive season,
'She has changed, what might be the reason ?'
I heard my mother say
It was not a very good day

We were chatting on a chilly night
A school friend and I,
'You are not the same, and I like it'
Heard this and slept tight :)

Walking through the city,
An acquaintance smiled awkwardly
'I guess I knew a different you'
Taken aback I wonder, 'You too?'

'I am not the same me', 
Heard myself murmuring last evening 
What..? I rushed to find my reflection, 
I needed my full attention

The person in the mirror said,
You undid the noose,
You just let yourself loose


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