January 26, 2017

City of Stars

This time, I re-created a song from La La Land, a movie I should have watched sooner. In the fleet of action, thriller and suspence, this movie is the ship that sails through the hearts of artlovers. Its voyage begins from the golden age of Hollywood and ends effortlessly at the shores of unconventional endings. From story to script to acting and direction, everything is a masterpiece. Music, Passion, Dreams, Love and Art. I need nothing more to soothe my soul. #FangirlAlready! Here goes the song, sing along!

City of Stars,
Yes you're shinning just for me

City of stars,
There's so much you made me see

I know, 
I felt it on the first day I came to you
And now, it's time to finally bid adieu

City of stars,
Just someone everybody needs
There on the streets
And through the trees on the wide boulevard
It's smiles
Yes, all I'm looking for is smiles and a few kind words
A look
A wave
A smile
I crave

A kiss on that somebody's heart
To light up the spark
To unplug the mind and get it speaking
A touch that stays, in the day
and all through the night 

I don't think that he knows
That's how love grows
And all that I want is to be wanted
A knock-knock-knock on my door

Wish I wanted to stay

City of Stars,
Yes you're shinning just for me

City of Stars,
I never smiled so happily


  1. Replies
    1. I adore how I can show my love for the movie by writing so much and all you can do is post on facebook that you appreciate the novelity! Hah!

  2. Loved the way you have put the words so beautifully in place. The original composition in itself is quite soothing. Loved the way you have recreated it. Well-written dear. Will be waiting for your next blog.

    1. Thanks Siya, I know why you like this one. I wrote it specifically for our city of stars!

  3. Ok. Your write up make me want to watch the movie. Thanks.

  4. In my mind,I was actually singing,but this time with your beautifully crafted words!
    Beautiful! :)

  5. What you're saying is completely true. I know that everybody must say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that everyone can understand. I'm sure you'll reach so many people with what you've got to say.


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